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P90X2 Review

Jessie Grigsby here-and below is P90X2 review.

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After completing the Insanity program and the original P90X I was stoked to take on the challenge of P90X2.  So, I ordered it as soon as it came out.

P90X started off as the first extreme workout routine that ignited an entire genre, and it was also known as one of the hardest workouts out there. That was great years ago, but most of the people who finished P90X have been awaiting a new exercise program, and it is finally here. The P90X2 program is the sequel to P90X.

The routines are different, the program is harder and the results are better.

If you want to make that final cut, or if you are looking for a challenge that can push your body beyond its normal limits, then P90X2 might be just the thing you need to get results. Before getting P90X2 make sure to read this review first.

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This program in Nuts!

New Routine

P90X was a six-day a week routine that consisted of exercises that targeted everything in the body, the routine itself wasn’t really made of phases. It was instead a list of exercise routines that would burn fat and grow muscle. While that is effective, P90X2 uses three major phases to push your body.

The first one is Foundation. This lasts about three to five weeks, and it is primarily concerned with enhancing your stability and your core. This provides you with a good starting point, and it addresses the issues with core weakness that P90X didn’t really address. This phase will help you get ready for the more intensive phases that follow, and it will reduce the chance of injury.

Phase two is all about strength, and it lasts about three to six weeks. This phase, as the name implies, is all about gaining muscle and getting strength. Most of your physical size gains will be during this phase, and you will be doing a lot of lifting exercises.

Lastly, phase three is named Performance. This one lasts about three to four weeks, and your body will be attuned to perform better in sports, or just general physical activity. While weight lifting is still performed during this phase, you will be doing more bodyweight exercises that make your body perform.

Another big change is the number of days you work out per week. Instead of six days a week, you will just be working out five days a week. This gives you a whole other day to recover, and you will need it with how hard Tony Horton pushes you.

In ѕоmе workouts, оnсе you’re finished, уоu mіght feel lіkе you’ve hаd уоur butt kicked – but thе P90X2 teaches уоu hоw tо mаkе thе mоѕt оf thе time уоur body hаѕ оn breaks frоm working out.


Another great benefit of the P90X2 is that you can choose from three types of kits such as the base ($119.85), deluxe ($239.70), and ultimate ($299.55).

If you order the deluxe or ultimate kit then you will receive all of the equipment needed to perform the exercises.

If you went through P90X with all the equipment, then you are basically set and ready to go. There is some other equipment you will need for P90X2, like a weighted ball, stability ball and a foam roller. While these are great, they are not exactly essential.

If you are new to P90X2, then you will need a few things to get started. The three most essential things are dumbbells, resistance bands and a chin-up bar. These are incorporated in most routines, so they are essential.

Some people have been wary of P90X and P90X2 due to the need of equipment. Something about the prospect of doing a chin up seems to scare people, but don’t worry about it. Your total investment should be less than $100, especially if you pick up everything from your sports store, and you will notice how beneficial they are on the first use.

Equipment is essential for P90X2 to work. If you want to see all the results and changes, then you should get rid of your reservations and just buy the equipment.


The thing you really want to know about P90X2 is if it works or not. To be short: yes, it works. It works amazingly. However, it will only work if you put in the work. P90X2 is not a beginner’s tool, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. P90X was a very hard program, but P90X2 is even harder.

If you don’t have good or exceptional fitness, then P90X2 is probably a bad idea for you. You need to exercise for long durations, about an hour or more, and most of that time will be spent doing push-ups, lifting weights and running around.

Make sure you can do all this before you even attempt the P90X2 program.


P90X left people in a place where they had a great body and a good amount of functional strength, but going up from there was a little difficult. P90X2 is the next step in the P90X niche, and it gives you the challenge you have been waiting for.

The workouts are more organized. P90X was built on scientific principles to engineer the best body, but there were times when the focus seemed to get a little blurred here and there. P90X2 is a very focused workout program that knows exactly what it is doing: taking your body to the next level.

Yoga and stretching are both essential to keeping your muscles limber, but most people hated the long 75 minutes of yoga in P90X. While not by much, P90X2 has cut down the amount of yoga to 65 minutes. It might just be 10 minutes, but you will feel the difference.

You get two rest days as opposed to one. One of the biggest problems in the extreme workout niche is the lack of rest days. Insanity Asylum (the second installment of Insanity) has no rest days. This can be dangerous, so the two days of rest instead of one will make it easier for your body to recover from the strain. This will produce better muscles.


No beginners allowed. Can you do push-ups for a straight 10 minutes? If not, then turn around right now because P90X2 is not for you. P90X2 is much harder than the original P90X, and it is usually best if you get through P90X first before jumping on to the sequel.

One problem that people are bringing up is the lack of cardio. Unlike P90X, which had some cardio-specific days, P90X2 foregoes all that. However, there is a very simple rebuttal towards this claim: cardio is incorporated in every workout.

Each workout gets your heart racing from moving around and doing the exercises. If you are doing P90X2, then you will get a cardio boost from all the jumping and lifting.

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P90X2 is not for everyone. You need a great level of fitness, and it can be difficult for amateurs. However, those that can master P90X2 will come out of the fray with better bodies that are ready for performance-based movements. Whether you need this for sports, or if you just want a body that works and responds better, then P90X2 is the way to go.

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