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P90X Review

If you have read my Insanity Workout Review then you know that I lost 46 pounds with the amazing program. I am a huge fan of the Beachbody products and decided to add this hones and no BS P90x Review to my site.

When I was deployed to Iraq I used the P90x system to ensure that I was in top shape to complete the mission under the grueling conditions that I faced.

I have used both products and have achieved awesome results with both however, they are completely different programs with two different outcomes.

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Keep reading this extensive review below to find out what the difference is, but first check out this intense video of the program.

Now that you are pumped up let’s get into the review.

P90X is often considered the father of the extreme workout DVD program, and it has been proven to be one of the most successful programs out there. Many people have commented on how good P90X is for them, but the point of this P90X review isn’t just to throw adulation at this program. There are a few drawbacks, and many of them have to deal with extra equipment and your personal level of fitness. Read this P90X review carefully to see if this program is the best match for you.

Tony Horton, a recognized trainer who has the fitness knowledge to create this program, created P90X. Unlike some other programs that don’t seem to have any scientific reasoning behind them, P90X is built from a very scientific basis. Every move is engineered to give your other muscles enough time to rest, and they are made for the maximum growth and rewards.

Tony Horton isn’t just a fitness guru; he is also very fun to watch. He gives you the confidence you need to get through the strenuous exercises, and believe me, they are strenuous.

P90X also gives you a comprehensive diet plan that will help maximize your efforts. The diet program will be covered later, but it is built to produce results.

No muscle goes unused. Most people report feeling muscles work that they didn’t know they had. This is because P90X isn’t just built for the common muscles worked out with most exercise programs. It is made to work the deep muscles that actually add to strength and physique.

One of the biggest cons has to do with your personal health. Can you do a pushup? If you have trouble doing one, then P90X is not for you. P90X makes you perform pushups for long durations, along with other strenuous exercises like pull-ups and squats.

Unlike Insanity, P90X requires some extra equipment. You will need dumbbells for many exercises, and you will also need a pull-up bar. Some people have instead used a resistance band over a door for a cheaper and easier workout, but this does not produce the same results.

Some people say that the 90-day workout is a con, since Insanity is only 60 days. Personally, I feel like this is splitting hairs. Most people have wanted to get fit for years, so an extra 30 days for an effective program isn’t really something to gripe about.

You need dedication to do this program. You need to exercise nearly every day in this 90-day program, and you can’t make any excuses if you really want the best results. If you don’t have the time, then you may want a more liberal exercise program.

Lastly, P90X does not give much information for proper lifting technique. Some amateurs have hurt themselves with incorrect lifting. If you get P90X, then make sure you research the proper lifting technique for the exercise, even if you need to stop the DVD for a few minutes. It is better to do the lift right, then to do it wrong and hurt yourself.

Just like the exercise portion, dieting is very strict and rigorous with P90X. You start off by basically stripping away most fats and carbs from your diet. There are then other phases that allow you to include more carbs, but the first month is mostly carb free.

The main macronutrient you get with the P90X diet is protein. Your carbs will largely come from fruits and vegetables, and bread is mostly off limits until the last phase.

If you are used to eating a diet for performance, then this will probably be easy to follow. Some other people have noted a few troubles with keeping up with the diet. Those who are new to dieting may have a hard time adjusting to this side of P90X, and those with very fast metabolisms may find it difficult to stay full.

The best thing you can do is to give the diet a try for at least two weeks. By then your body should acclimate to the changes, and you should feel better.

The price for P90X, as of May 2012, is about $120 for the program. This may seem a little high, but it is a common price for most extreme workout DVDs. You can also choose to split the price into three monthly payments for about $40 a month.

Who It’s For
P90X is not for someone who is into those quick diet and exercise fads that make you lose several pounds in several days. You need dedication and commitment to do P90X.

It also isn’t really for people who have no exercise experience. This is a strenuous routine that requires some level of fitness. If you get winded from doing 10 minutes of exercise, then P90X may not be for you.

This is mostly for those that have some exercise experience, but they aren’t entirely fit. It is meant for people who need to push their physiques to the next level, but can’t seem to find that next level. It is also made for people who want to change their lives around and get the body of their dreams in three months.

Differences Between Insanity and P90X
P90X and Insanity are often put against each other since they have similar promises, workout routines and they are both made by Beachbody.

P90X is more scientifically based, and it focuses more on the use of equipment to reach your fitness goal. It also lasts 90 days, and while there are cardio elements, most of the exercises will directly work your muscles.

Insanity is a 60-day program that is mostly cardio. You don’t use any equipment. All you do is jump around for about 45 to 60 minutes, and it is very strenuous. While muscles aren’t worked directly, you should notice muscular gains from the pushups and various movies used in Insanity.

Both are very strenuous workouts, and they emphasize nearly the same diet plan. If you want to improve your muscles, then P90X is the best. If you want better endurance, then Insanity is your product.

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P90X is a powerful routine that was made to succeed. Everything about it, from the exercises to the diet, was made specifically to get results.

If you want a better body in a relatively short amount of time, then P90X is the best workout program out there. Try it out and see just how good it is, and how much better your body will be after those 90 days.

Thanks for checking out my P90x Review and I truly hope that you found the information to be useful.

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