Insanity Workout Review

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Hello everyone, my name is Jessie Grigsby and thanks for checking out

I proudly served in the Army for 6 years and I served two tours to Iraq while I was in. So, you think that I would have always been very active and in shape.

Think again!

Well, after fulfilling my enlistment I got out  of the Army and got a job as an Instructor. Consequently, my new profession did not leave me very much time to be as active as I needed.

It is all too easy to disregard proper nutrition and exercise in this fast paced world.

Three years into my Instructor position and I had ballooned to almost 240 pounds! Please forgive the poor quality before picture (directly below this paragraph). I literally had to extract that from an old home video because I didn’t have any pics of me at my heaviest point. I was so ashamed and disgusted with myself that I avoided having pictures taken. If you have ever been that overweight, then you know exactly how I felt.

After being sick of seeing myself in the mirror and having super low confidence I decided I had been overweight too long. From that point on I decided to take action and change for the better.

I saw an infomercial on T.V. for the Insanity Workout Program. After being in the Army and surviving two tours to Iraq as well as Airborne training I told my self, “I can do this insanity thing!”

So, I went online and ordered the program. I made a commitment to myself to change and I did so by strictly adhering to the diet plan and every single day I came home from work and just pushed play and completed the work.

It was very challenging but, in a good way and it allowed me to blow past my own physical limitations.

It doesn’t matter if you are not in shape because you are at HOME doing the exercise and not one will laugh at you.



*UPDATE*I am happy to report that I just completed a second round of Insanity and I am down to 190 pounds in the picture on  the left. That is a total of 50 pounds lost.

I am a living testament that anyone can do this and change to get the body they have always wanted! I created this page to be undeniable proof and the motivation that you need to make the same changes I did.

I think the photos speak for themselves. Get the Insanity workout. I wish all of you the best in your journey. Go succeed.