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I built this site with one purpose in mind. I wanted to give an honest and unbiased review of the Insanity Workout. I am tired when every time I try to read a review on something I have to spend days sorting through all of the people who just want to sell me some miracle cure.

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Insanity was created by the company Beachbody and the amazing Shaun T.

Brschbody Insanity Review  


Beachbody is a massive multinational company who sells workout DVD’s, Supplements, and exercise equipment. They accomplished $430 million in total revenue in 2010. They have created some of the most effective exercise plans on the market.

When they coupled with Shaun T. to create the Insanity Workout I believe they hit the nail directly on the head. This program is the most intense and fastest way to get the body you have always dreamed of.

Shaun T.

Shaun T. was raised New Jersey in Camden. He was a natural athlete and grew up playing football, baseball and track.  After high school he attended Rowan University where he was working on his BS in Sports Science.

This man is an inspiration to all of us because he literally gained 50 lbs in his first year in college. He realized that was not how he wanted to live so he changed his degree and became interested in fitness.

He has had amazing success coupled with adequate experience to make him an expert. He was a dancer for Mariah Carey, managed many pharmaceutical companies, and was also an aerobics instructor.

His biggest successes were when he coupled with Beachbody to create Hip Hop Abs and Insanity.

My Initial Reservations

Just the fact that you are here now means that you are like me and you won’t just buy something online without reading some reviews on it first.

I ran into the same issues that you probably did. With the Internet being such a huge place, how do I know who to trust for an honest review on something?

I spent weeks talking in forums and going over testimonials before I decided to commit and invest the money on the Insanity system.

I am so glad I did decide to buy however; I wish I would have had one central place to go to get all of my answers!

Well look no further folks because I built just that place.

Initial Response

My initial response to the Insanity product was a very positive one. First off all the shipping was extremely fast. Insanity arrived on my front door within a week and by that point I was anxious to get started and make some serious changes in my life.

The Insanity Program comes in a very aesthetically pleasing package with 10 DVD’s of the most intense workouts ever as well as a step by step Elite Nutrition Plan, Fitness Guide, Insanity Calendar, and Free Online Support Tools. Here is a list of everything I received:

Dig Deeper & Fit Test: This is a very important step and everyone should start her to assess your current level of fitness. (30 minutes)

Plyometric Cardio Circuit: This one had me dripping sweat within the first 10 minutes and I kept burning fat the entire time. (40 minutes)

Cardio Power & Resistance: You will build lean muscle by performing a number of “heavy lifting” moves. (40 minutes)

Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery: In this DVD Shaun moves the focus to the proper recovery phase of your muscles, which is commonly overlooked. (80 minutes)

Pure Cardio & Abs: Extremely intense cardio. (40 minutes)

Cardio Abs: Shred up those abdominal muscles with this core scorching workout. (20 minutes)

Core Cardio & Balance: This is the “break” between months where you let your body recover before pushing it harder for the second month. (40 minutes)

Max Interval Circuit: In this workout you will definitely be pushed to the MAX by incorporating cardio and plyometrics together. (60 minutes

Max Interval Plyo: You legs will be screaming to stop but, you will keep pushing them. (55 minutes)

Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs: Now you will do cardio to the MAX and it is non-stop. (50 minutes)

Elite Nutrition Plan: A perfectly constructed meal plan designed to get you shredded while feeding the fat burning machine you have now become.

Fitness Guide: Just like the exercises this guide is short, sweet, and to the point. It cuts out all of the other fluff most exercise programs provide.

Insanity Calendar: Print this thing out and put it on the wall next to your workout area. This will help you keep track of your progress and motivate you to reach your goals. Stick with it and it will keep you accountable.

Free Online Support Tools: Use the online format to peak with trainers and read other success stories. This will help you blast through plateaus and see maximum results. Many people overlook this step in a workout plan, however, it is extremely beneficial to have someone pushing and motivating you.

My First Insanity Workout

I served in the Army for 6 years, survived Airborne Training and 2 tours to Iraq. I was pretty naive in thinking this that I could “handle” this work out with no problem. This program is called Insanity for a reason.

Within the first 10 minutes I was dripping sweat, out of breath, and that is when I heard Shaun T. say, “Ok and now we are done with the warm up.” Holy crap it kicked my butt and that was only the warm up but, I enjoyed every minute of it.

I wanted something challenging but, a product that was going to get the job done fast. How many of us have gone to the gym of and on for years and still see minimal results?

That is because we are lacking some or all of the elements needed to succeed. We can’t just throw some weight around, do nothing else, and expect to lose weight. I believe Insanity has incorporated all of those elements into one kick butt product.



The Elite Nutrition Guide is actually extremely easy to follow. The meals are easy to prepare and actually taste good. They are designed to get you shredded fast. If you don’t like a meal or a certain ingredient everything has an acceptable substitute list and can be interchanged.

Some of my favorite foods are still acceptable on the plan like omelets, peanut butter, and cereal. Unlike other starvation diets, Insanity had me eating 5-6 healthy meals a day and I was never hungry.

I also, like the fact that I am eating most of my nutrients the natural way and not taking a bunch of supplements and meal replacement products.

I never really put too much faith in the drug companies who do nothing except sell you a hyped up product that barely performs or not at all.

Another very important pro is the fact that you do not need to purchase any exercise equipment. All of the workouts and exercises are done with your body weight only. This is another way Insanity saves you money.

You can get shredded from the comfort of your own home and all the while never pick up a single weight. That is amazing!


Okay, guys and gals. Here is the scoop on supplements. You would never catch me recommending or endorsing a product that I don’t have 100% faith in.

If I didn’t personally use it and achieve amazing results then you won’t find it on my site. So, I will not just put up a bunch or meaningless reviews for products that I haven’t used.

I use a multivitamin, joint health, post workout and the Shakeology meal replacement supplement. I am certain that Shakeology speed up my results and help me achieve the 46 pound weight loss so quickly.

I have written an extensive Shakeology Review here on the site. Check it out and I completely recommend it to everyone. It really may be the best supplement in the world.

The Cons

Like I said in the beginning of this review I would discuss the pros and the cons of the Insanity Workout. There is not a single program out there that is inherently perfect and without flaws.

The first thing I noticed about this program is the price. Some people think the price may seem like it is a little too high. I thought the same thing but, then I realized that I have spent more on just three months of a gym membership than the cost of Insanity.

If you are worried about the price, have no fear. When Insanity is purchased through the links on my site you will get it a $30 discount as opposed to the price.

The second negative is the extreme intensity level of the exercises in Insanity. The exercises are what are called HIT or High Intensity Training and there are a lot of high impact moves. So, if you have any injuries or pain you definitely want to start out by dong the Insanity Fit Test and assess your current level of physical fitness.











Becoming a Coach

After losing 36 pounds in my first round of Insanity and getting into the absolute best shape of my life in 60 days I decided I needed to tell my story to people. I think word of mouth is great but, I wanted to let the world know that this program is the real deal and it works!

*Update* I just finished my second round of Insanity and I am now down to 190 pounds with a total of 50 pounds lost!

Please forgive the poor quality before picture. I literally had to extract that from an old home video because I didn’t have any pics of me at my heaviest point. I was so ashamed and disgusted with myself that I avoided having pictures taken. If you have ever been that overweight, then you know exactly how I felt.

The pic on the left is me at 240 pounds and I am almost unrecognizable. The pic on the right is myself at 190 pounds.

No one can look at my pictures and say, “Insanity doesn’t work”.

After doing some research online I found that Beachbody allows people to become coaches. There is no better way to get my point across and help as many people as possible.

I used to get up in the morning and look in the mirror and be disgusted with myself and now I get to help people. There is no better feeling!

I am not here to brag or tout my accomplishments online. I am a real person and a normal guy who decided to commit to a program to get in shape.

So, I created this site for all of you out there who are like what I used to be. I want you to know that all of you can change for the better and I want to help you succeed in your goals.

My best wishes and good luck to all!

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7 Dieting Sins-(7 things that you are doing to sabotage your progress)

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